Elevation Ketchup is as unique and healthy as the city where it was created. Founded by Denver resident Aaron Wagner in 2012, Elevation Ketchup is special not only for its hometown, the Mile High City, but also its story and ingredients.

The story goes like this: the recipe was created by Aaron’s great-great-grandmother around 1893. Passed down for generations, Aaron made his first batch during the holiday season of 2012. When he discovered how quickly his friends had eaten it, he decided to try his hand at selling it. He made test batches at home in his own kitchen before eventually moving into a commercial kitchen in west Denver. The public’s appetite for this flavorful and unique condiment has only grown since then.

The recipe may date from 1893, but Elevation Ketchup’s simple, all natural, and non-GMO ingredients are a hit with today’s chefs, foodies, and anyone passionate about knowing what’s in their food. Elevation Ketchup is vegan, gluten free, and contains no high fructose corn syrup. It’s also delicious. With more tomatoes, more spices, and no junk, every batch of Elevation Ketchup is handcrafted right here in Denver, Colorado.

And there’s an option for everyone! As we’ve continued to expand, we’ve developed a few variations: Restaurant Style is an alternative to our Original Recipe that is less complex but just as flavorful. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Vindaloo, a ‘not-so-hot’ Indian curry blend for adventurous taste buds. All our varieties use only the best ingredients and celebrate our original 1893 family recipe.